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The organization known as Legacy is no longer functioning. All material on this site has been left on-line for historical purposes. There may be broken links.

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LEGACY Defined

LEGACY is defined as "a leadership and communication resource center."

LEGACY is a non-profit international assembly of "trustees" representing all facets of square dancing:

The LEGACY idea was conceived in 1973 by three editors/publishers of nationally known magazines: They envisioned a service-leadership organization and development of better communications among the many facets of the square dance activity.

Since its inception in 1973, LEGACY trustees have expressed concern over:

LEGACY has been instrumental in encouraging the development of leadership training at the local and state level.

LEGACY is composed of trustees and affiliates. Trustees meet every two years in varying locations to exchange ideas and formulate proposals and guidelines for the welfare of the overall square dance activity.

Trustees are individuals who have been dancing for at least five years or served at least three years as an accomplished leader.

To become a trustee, the individual must be nominated by an existing trustee and attend a biennial convention. This convention is held in May in odd years, beginning on the Thursday following Mother's Day and continuing for three days. These trustees represent one or more of the following component groups:

Many of the trustees have been involved in the activity for over 20 years. All trustees pay their own expenses.

Affiliate memberships are available to individuals and organizations who would like to receive reports of LEGACY and other information, have the opportunity to express their ideas, and contribute to the purpose of LEGACY without being asked to serve on committees or attend meetings.

Among LEGACY's achievements are a worldwide dancer survey for general guidance and information, and encouragement of leadership programs on the local and state level. The questionnaire surveys were designed to ask dancers to express their feelings about certain aspects of square dancing and related activities., From the many comments and excellent return rate, it is obvious that the dancers want to be heard. The results, which are tabulated, are put on computer and distributed to all publications and organizations. LEGACY plans to continue conducting this survey as deemed necessary.

LEGACY was the catalyst for the formation of the National Association of Square and Round Dance Suppliers (NASRDS) and the International Association of Round Dance Teachers Inc. (Roundalab)