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LEGACY Conducts its Seventh SUMMIT Meeting

In its continuing effort to interface with the major organizations of the SQUARE DANCE Activity, LEGACY, the International Assembly of Trustees of the Square Dance Activity, conducted its Seventh SUMMIT Meeting at the National Square Dance Convention in Charlotte, NC on Thursday afternoon June 25, 1998.

Invitations were sent to over twenty major organizations listed in the National Square Dance DIRECTORY and elsewhere. Representatives from the American Square Dance Publication, CALLERLAB, the CALLERLAB Foundation, the New England Square Dance Foundation, National Association of Square and Round Dance Suppliers, Overseas Dancers Association and the United Square Dancers of America were in attendance.

After each organization gave a brief report on current projects, discussion centered on a need to sell our product in a different manner. It was the opinion of those present that there is nothing basically wrong with our product, which is an enjoyable recreation that can strengthen people's bodies and minds. But that the packaging needs to be rebuilt and new methods developed to sell it to the non-dancer.

It was suggested that a capital S D refers to the entire SQUARE DANCE Spectrum of the activity - squares, rounds, contras, clogging, folk, etc.- while the small s d refers to just the "square dancing" facet of our activity.

To the uninitiated - SQUARE DANCE - LARGE or small - seems to only mean barn dance or clogging. All organizations expressed their concern and realize there is a need to create a unified master plan for the promotion and preservation of S D (in capitals). LEGACY, which is composed of all the facets within the SQUARE DANCE activity (including dancers, suppliers, callers, cuers, prompters, publishers, special interest groups, etc.). thru its SUMMIT Meeting and its biennial Meetings ( LEGACY XIV - May 14-16, 1999) is committed to this project.

For more information about LEGACY, please consult the LEGACY office at 1100 Revere Drive, Oconomowoc, WI 53066.