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The organization known as Legacy is no longer functioning. All material on this site has been left on-line for historical purposes. There may be broken links.


Event Programming Guide

A Club to Convention
Planning Manual


What Is A Mini-Legacy? 3
Why Have A Meeting 3
The "Meat" of the Meeting 3
Who Attends A Mini-Legacy? 4
Planning Your Mini-Legacy 5
Dealing With A Hotel 11
Guidelines for Chairpersons 13
Guidelines for Moderators and Panelists 14
Teaching Vs. Learning 16

Publicity, Promotion & Communication 21
Possible Topics for a Mini-Legacy 25
Communication For Square Dancers 26
A Typical Club Structure 27
Guidelines For Chairpersons 29
Guidelines For Moderators And Panelists 30
Guidelines For Program Coordinators 32
Square Dance Programs 39
The Language Of Square Dance Programming 33
Round Dance Programming 34
Communication And Leadership 34
Face To Face 35
Meetings, Meetings, Meetings 36
Club Announcements 37
Finance 38
Insurance 39
Facilities 40
Sample Permit For Use Of Building Or Grounds 41
Contracts 42
Sample Confirmation Agreement 43
Selecting and Delegating 44
Don't Get Caught In A Speed Trap 45
Elementary Rules of Parliamentary Procedure 46
Roberts Rules of Order 47
Resources 48