What has Legacy Done?

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The organization known as Legacy is no longer functioning. All material on this site has been left on-line for historical purposes. There may be broken links.

Each bi-annual meeting of Legacy had produced Resolutions and Recommendations or Proposals.

(Cleveland, Ohio, May 8-11, 1975)

Resolutions and Proposals

  1. IMAGE: That Legacy '75 reaffirms its concern expressed in Legacy '73 pertaining to excesses in the activity, and that since impressions are important that we encourage all involved in dancing to put forth a constant effort to enhance the positive image we present.

  2. THE BICENTENNIAL: In order to assist the country to participate more fully in the celebration of the bicentennial events, resolved that the trustees of Legacy encourage dancers to make a personal pledge to learn the history of the dance as it has been involved in the growth of our nation and, additionally, pledge to tell America our story through dance exhibitions, media, participation events, conventions, displays and all other sources available.

  3. LEADERSHIP: To stimulate enthusiasm for leadership within the dance activity be it resolved that we recommend the establishment at the local, regional, national and international levels of leadership training programs, seminars, and/or clinics, be an integral part of the dance program.

  4. HOW AND WHAT WE DANCE: The Legacy trustees resolve that we agree in principle with Callerlab objectives, resolutions and goals. That similar efforts be made by associations for other forms of the American dance. That we recognize that square dancing, round dancing and contra dancing are all a part of the American Folk Dance.