What has Legacy Done?

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The organization known as Legacy is no longer functioning. All material on this site has been left on-line for historical purposes. There may be broken links.

Each bi-annual meeting of Legacy had produced Resolutions and Recommendations or Proposals.

(Memphis, Tennessee, May 5-8, 1977)

Resolutions and Proposals

  1. ETHICS: Concerning the ethics of Clubs, Dancers and Leaders i.e. Callers, Cuers, Prompters, Instructors, and the interaction of the same, the following ethical guidelines shall be adapted and implemented;
    • We should reaffirm, and adhere to the Square Dance ethics set forward in the "10 Commandments of Square Dancing" and in 1973 & 1975 Legacy Resolutions.

    • The teaching of Ethics should be an integral part of any Square Dancing, Round Dancing, etc. teaching program.

    • All Dancers, both beginners and experienced, should be enlightened as to the destructive effects of a club's losing dancers to another "same dance level" club as a result of unethical soliciting practices at club dances and club lessons.

    • All dancers should be urged to belong to a club, support that club, and wear that club's badge with pride.

    • It is the responsibility of all Square Dance clubs to promote the teaching of Square Dancing whenever and wherever possible.

    • The wearing of accepted Square Dance attire at all Square Dance activities by all participants - ties and long sleeved shirts for men, full skirts for women - should be strongly urged. The wearing of proper Square Dance attire should be encouraged beginning in the early weeks of lessons. Callers and Leaders - and their partners - should set the example in wearing of accepted Square Dance attire.

    • Both callers and clubs should be protected by a written contract between the caller and the club. The possible termination of any agreement between the caller and the club should first be discussed by the caller and the club's governing body. When booking for special events a definite deadline for confirmation should be established.

  2. ROUND DANCING: LEGACY supports the concept of the formation of an International Organization of Round Dance Teachers dedicated to the promotion, protection and perpetuation of the general round dance movement to complement the overall square. dance picture.

    • to trust each other in their involvement to promote and perpetuate the SD movement.

    • to offer, through the secretary, their expertise to each National SD Convention.

    • that the Board of Directors of LEGACY offer a LEGACY Committee as a mediating group to assist in resolving problems that occur with component groups within our activity.

  4. LEGACY resolves and declares a vote of confidence in the National Executive Committee and voted to recommend:
    • Be it resolved that through the efforts of the National Executive Committee larger areas be provided for LEGACY use at the conventions. Displays and panels to be manned by competent trustees using literature, sound (where permitted), and animated displays to attract the square dancer.

    • Be it resolved that we, LEGACY, recommend that a Solo hall be provided at future NSDC to accommodate the single and solo dancer.

    • LEGACY goes on record as being opposed to contests that pit dancer against dancer or caller against caller. LEGACY endorses the concept that square dancing is a cooperative and not a competitive activity.

    • With an eye toward the future, LEGACY supports working with all youth groups that wish to engage in square dance activities, and square dance leaders should not only encourage, but actively seek to assist these groups.

    • LEGACY recognizes the good work of Central Registry of World Dancers (CROWD) organization and encourage public support among square dancers, of their continued effort

    • The efforts of the American Square Dance Association International (ASDAI) to perpetuate the Heritage and Culture of Square Dancing will be observed with interest by LEGACY.