What has Legacy Done?

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The organization known as Legacy is no longer functioning. All material on this site has been left on-line for historical purposes. There may be broken links.

Each bi-annual meeting of Legacy had produced Resolutions and Recommendations or Proposals.

(Milwaukee, WI, May, 1991)

Resolutions and Recommendations



The S/D Movement needs to be aware of our changing society and how we can adapt to fulfill the recreational square dance needs of potential dancers - particularly pre-teens, teens and young adults.

Serious consideration should be given to programs that allow for easy entry and limited learning with much variety. Activities that are family oriented could also lend themselves to single parents in the under-40 group.

With regard to recruiting younger dancers, we must be aware of-and try to overcome-the pre-conceived notion that square dancing is an old folks' activity. Toward this end, we encourage the inclusion of existing younger dancers in demonstrations, exhibitions and promotional materials.