What has Legacy Done?

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The organization known as Legacy is no longer functioning. All material on this site has been left on-line for historical purposes. There may be broken links.

Each bi-annual meeting of Legacy had produced Resolutions and Recommendations or Proposals.

(Denver, CO, May 15-17, 1981)

Resolutions and Recommendations

  1. LEGACY establish a "Hot Line" procedure whereby urgent information affecting the the square dance activity may be received and disseminated.
  2. The requirements for eligibility for membership in LEGACY be changed to "Must have been dancing for at least five years or have served three years as an accomplished leader, with a strong recommendation by a member of LEGACY."
  3. A contributing affiliation for individuals and associations be established. These Affiliates shall pay the same dues as Trustees and receive reports of LEGACY meetings and such other material which is of general interest. The affiliates would not serve on committees but would be encouraged to submit ideas and participate in surveys.
  4. In view of the increasing costs of postage, printing and other expenses of operating LEGACY, the annual dues of membership be increased from $5.00 per year per member to $10.00 per year per member.
  5. LEGACY actively supports and wishes to enhance the cultural status of square dancing, therefore resolve to reaffirm their active support of HJR 151, the resolution before Congress, that the dance known as "The Square Dance" is designated as the National Folk Dance of the United States of America.
  6. LEGACY reinforces CALLERLAB's statement regarding the prescribed number of sessions established for teaching the Mainstream Program to square dancers.
  7. LEGACY V recommends that it would be advantageous for square dance callers and cuers to gain more knowledge of contras and how to teach and present them.
  8. To reinforce points adopted at LEGACY I and LEGACY II, LEGACY V recommends that at the local level, callers, teachers, prompters, cuers and dancers establish a close working relationship to increase the possibility for retention of dancers through a variety of dance experiences.

  1. LEGACY V reaffirms the following proposal from LEGACY IV:
    Be it resolved that LEGACY Trustees become involved in conducting Mini LEGACIES, utilizing the LEGACY Leadership Training Manual and other appropriate educational materials.
  2. LEGACY recognizes that square dancing offers many opportunities for social interaction which is enjoyed by all participants throughout the whole spectrum of the activity. The consensus of the meetings was that the social aspect of square dancing is a major factor, if not the most important one, to assure a successful program. LEGACY proposes that the square dance community be made aware of the importance of social aspects and encourages the continued development of this practice.
  3. Because leadership, education and training are fundamental concerns of LEGACY, and because LEGACY has a data bank of talent available to draw upon which most likely will be of greater scope than that available in a given National Square Dance Convention or Mini-LEGACY area, and Because LEGACY. perceives the need for greater exposure of LEGACY to the square dance population, LEGACY RECOMMENDS:
    • That the National Square Dance Convention, Inc. be requested to charter LEGACY to conduct leadership, education and training seminars (LETS) at all future annual Conventions, beginning with the 1982 National Square Dance Convention.
    • That three seminars, each of two-hour duration, be conducted at National Square Dance Conventions.
    • That the LEGACY talent bank be revised to include the degree of involvement; such as speaker, keynoter, panelist, etc., from which Trustees could be more readily identified by leaders and dancers for possible participation in MiniLEGACIES, clinics, seminars and other forms of discussion.