What has Legacy Done?

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The organization known as Legacy is no longer functioning. All material on this site has been left on-line for historical purposes. There may be broken links.

Each bi-annual meeting of Legacy had produced Resolutions and Recommendations or Proposals.

(Louisville, Kentucky, May 10-12, 1979)

Resolutions and Recommendations

    • Whereas square dancing is a friendly, social activity providing wholesome recreation at a reasonable fee and in suitable surroundings and Whereas, the quality and complexity of what we dance has a bearing on the number of individuals who will enjoy this activity, and Whereas the emphasis appears to have been placed upon more complex movements that the typical square dancer can - or will - accept. Be it resolved that LEGACY is on record as offering a mandate to callers and dance leaders to de-emphasize the complexity and the number of basics involved in general dancing and produce a more realistic Mainstream plateau.
    • Whereas education is the cornerstone of the entire square dance activity and, Whereas proper education can eliminate many problems found in the activity, and Whereas caller/leader training sessions, such as caller clinics and National Square Dance Conventions educational panels and seminars, are of utmost importance in the development of the educational process. Be it resolved that LEGACY Trustees become involved in conducting Mini-LEGACIES utilizing the LEGACY leadership training manual and appropriate educational materials, prior to LEGACY V.
  2. ETHICS:
    • Be it resolved that LEGACY endorse the code of Ethics of ROUNDALAB, as within the guidelines of ethical standards of LEGACY.
    • Be it resolved that LEGACY endorse the Code of Ethics of National Association of Square and Round Dance Suppliers as within the guidelines of ethical standards of LEGACY.
    • Whereas inflation and economic conditions have a significant effect on the future of dance activities, be it resolved that LEGACY encourage all dance organizations to review their fiscal policies and make adjustments that will minimize the risk of failure due to lack of adequate financing.
  4. OTHERS:
    • Whereas Charlie Baldwin has been instrumental in the formation of the LEGACY idea, and Whereas his many years of leadership in this activity have contributed in this direction, and Whereas his high esteem for square dancing as experienced in editing The New England Caller, his many years of caller training leadership have all played a part in this activity. Be it resolved that the members of LEGACY express their heartfelt appreciation to Charlie and his lifelong companion, Bertha, for their unselfish contributions, that the many millions who take part in S/D will benefit directly or indirectly from his actions.
    • The Trustees of LEGACY endorse the movement to have the US Congress designate the Square Dance as the National Folk Dance Of the USA.

    • The Education sub-committee recommended that the Board of Directors adopt the following slogan as an explanation Trustees can easily put forth to inquiring nonmembers: LEGACY is the international leadership organization to provide for the sharing of knowledge by the many phases of the overall square dance activity.
    • A new printing of promotional material be undertaken to include a reproduction of Phyllis Howell's explanatory posters and a pamphlet which more concretely explains the principles of LEGACY.
    • The Board of Directors establish a standing Education committee which should be charged with (but not limited to) the creation of the following:
      1. A list of resources
      2. A talent bank of leader/specialists
      3. Topical outlines by subject
      4. Reports of successful Mini-LEGACIES
      5. School programs.
    • That LEGACY encourage CALLERLAB and ROUNDALAB to become more actively involved in the. development of suggested programs for the teaching of square dancing in schools.
  2. ETHICS:
    • It should be incumbent upon callers, round dance teachers and club officers to teach ethics, as resolved at LEGACY 1977, to new dancers, and - as required - reteach to experienced dancers.
    • LEGACY recognizes the need to disseminate the fact that CALLERLAB has a grievance committee that may be utilized when the existing problem cannot be resolved at the local level, and encourages publications and local associations to help disseminate this information.
    • All suppliers should be given ample lead time and equal opportunity to supply goods and services chosen by callers, dancers and round dance teachers.
    • LEGACY recommends that local organizations encourage round dance teachers to develop a code of ethics for their members, using the code of ethics of ROUNDALAB as a guide.